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“Hotel Luna Mystica is a vintage trailer hotel and starlight campground in the vast Mesa of Taos, one of the most mystical locations on the planet. Come camp under the famous New Mexico starry sky next to our legendary mountain and feel the “pull” of Taos. Hotel Luna Mystica: 12-plus acres of mesa, 20 vintage trailers, 60 campsites, one planet, one moon, a gazillion stars.

“Each trailer is equipped with its own deck, bathroom, comfortable bed, and kitchen facilities. Each is unique as we’ve retained its vintage soul while applying modern amenities.

“Head out of Taos and aim for the Rio Grande, turn right at the friendly lights over the Taos Mesa Brewery. The adventure awaits. Disconnect, and reconnect with your natural self. Restore your balance.

“This is a place of opportunity and tranquility. Community and solitude. Outer space and inner peace. Test yourself. Rest yourself. Reclaim yourself. Experience nature without the hassle.

“Step into your vintage trailer, and the world rolls away. Step out and every possibility greets you. It’s in the air. The stillness and the rush. The fire. The mountains. The mesa and the river. The sun, the moon, the stars. The music and the dance. It’s elemental. It’s hot, it’s hip, it’s cool. It’s you. Down to the bone and out on the edge. One part grit, two parts magic, all natural, all you.”

Pack your bags and have yourself a relaxing getaway! Book your trip here! Looking for another getaway spot in Taos? Check out this boho adobe!