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Photo by: Sand Creek Post & Beam……

A girl can dream, right?! This house and barn combo is the definition of beautiful. From the layout to the decor, this home is sure to impress. Instead of a loft apartment, you could have an entire house attached to your barn.

This customized combo has a 1,536-square-foot home and 3,626-square-foot barn. That’s plenty of space for most! The vaulted ceilings in the house make the space feel large and roomy.

After you tend to your horses, you can walk back home and relax without ever going outside.

This combo can be positioned so that every window has a view of your horse’s fields.

These stalls are just as dreamy as the house. Furthermore, the barn has a loft for extra storage.

A picturesque view! It doesn’t get better than that.

A house attached to a barn definitely has its pros (and a few cons). Do you think you’d like it?