"Cowgirl Magazine" - Horse Trailers

Whether you like to go on extended trail rides or set up camp at horse shows, you’ll need the proper living quarters to make it happen. After you see these luxury horse trailers, you’ll be ready to sell the house and buy one of these instead! They have space, comfort, and a whole lot of style. You and your horse will be traveling comfortably.

Get inspired by these beauties…

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Everything you need is right in this trailer! Don’t you love how spacious it is? To think, your horse is just right behind you.

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Now that’s a fancy horse trailer! What do you think of the woodwork and leather sofa?

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Another example of exquisite detail. The backsplash is very unique! How amazing would it be to have your own stovetop and sink at horse shows?

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Step up into that bed and sleep peacefully! The cowhide pillows are a nice touch that makes this trailer feel very country.

PC: Elite Trailers.

A built-in TV? This trailer comes with it all! It’d be easy to spend a few nights in this trailer.

These homes on wheels scream luxury! Horse camping doesn’t have to be rustic if you can afford one of these set-ups.