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If you’ve ever watched a herd of horses, you’ve likely seen a few of the herd members kicking it up and having fun. Some horses are more playful than others. They can be seen bucking, rearing, galloping, and nipping at other horses. There are quite a few ways that horses can have fun.

Horses Having Fun

1. Running & kicking out: Some horses will take off across the field bucking and galloping. This is a great release of steam for many horses. You might even see them “playing tag” with one another.

2. Mock fighting: Sometimes, it can be hard to tell the difference between aggression and play. Often, horses will nip or push each other around when having some fun. Youngsters are notorious for this!

3. Playing with an object: Many playful horses will grab the handle of a jolly ball and toss it around. Some will kick giant balls with their front hooves. They may even tug on another horse’s halter.

4. Rolling: Nothing feels better than a good roll to a horse. You may see some rubbing in the dirt as they scratch their face, neck, and body.

5. Splashing in water: Most horse owners get annoyed with this one, but have you ever seen a horse play in the water trough? Some horses will splash their nose in the bucket and water goes everywhere. Others will try to climb into the trough.

Horses are simple creatures. They enjoy eating and hanging out with their herd members. Occasionally, they’re get spunky and let loose.