Photo courtesy of @lakotatrailers on Instagram……

At some point in your life, you will find yourself in the passenger seat along for the ride! You are more than lucky- some of the best memories are made in the passenger seat tagging along with a friend! Here’s a few tips for making the most of the trip and being the best travel partner ever! 

  1. Pack allll the snacks! Bonus points for packing their absolute favorites! 
  2. Plan a jammin’ playlist beforehand! 
  3. Be okay with silence. On long drives, there’s bound for conversation to run out. That’s okay! 
  4. Stay up with the driver! If you are driving at night or the early morning, your job is to stay up with the driver and keep them awake! 
  5. Offer to drive. If you feel comfortable driving, offer to give the driver a break! 
  6. Help the driver open any drinks or snacks!
  7. Help keep the truck clean! We all know how it goes after long travels, but the driver will love you if you help keep everything clean!

(Fair warning, if you are too good of a travel partner, you’re going to be invited everywhere!)