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A breast collar prevents your western saddle from slipping backward. This can be especially helpful when riding on the trails and going uphill. The proper placement and fit is important though! Your breast collar will not be effective if too loose. On the other hand, a too tight one can be uncomfortable and even cut off your horse’s breathing.

Fitting a Breast Collar

Lisa Gentile from Weaver Leather discusses how to properly fit and use a breast collar. Her helpful video tutorial starts with the various parts of this piece of tack. She also talks about placement, which should be right on the groove of the shoulder. Lastly, she mentions how tight the breast collar should be. You want to prevent it from being too tight or loose.

There are many different variations of breast collars, but the general fit and concepts are usually the same.

If you like the breast collar in the video, you can find it at Working Tack Collection Breast Collar.