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Working with leather or leathercraft is the art of creating leather pieces, whether for purpose or decoration. It includes tooling, dying, painting, and more! 

Leathercraft is a great hobby or business venture!

How do you get started, you ask? Well, I’ve got the answers for you!

Find Someone to Apprentice Under

There are numerous craftsman out there wanting to pass the trade on to the next generation! They are more than willing to teach you and help you to learn! To find someone to learn under, ask your local tack store, leather shop or look online.

Get the Right Tools

Now, you need the “right tools for the right job!” You can find tools for sale online or at your local leather shop. All it takes is a little research and some questions! Most leather shops are open to helping you find the right tools! Or maybe that person you’re learning from will help you!

Watch Some YouTube Videos

Ahhh, YouTube! The place with all the answers. If you prefer to be self taught, there are plenty of videos to watch and learn from! Just grab your tools, your laptop and get started!

Join a Group

Trade schools, 4-H, and other places offer leather craft groups to join. A quick call to any of these places will lead you into the right direction! Once in a group, you can make friends and learn the tricks of the trade!

Look for Lessons

Some leather shops offer lessons to those wanting to learn, or they will know of some craftsman who do! Lessons are a great way to begin because there is not the pressure of an apprenticeship, where you can decide if you truly love it!