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Herding cattle in a field. Photo by Bailey Alexander.……

The thrilling sport of roping consists of chasing a cow on horseback. The rider will rope the cow with a rope. In some events, the rider then dismounts and ties up the cow. The skill of roping is essential for those working on cattle ranches. The rider will catch, brand, and doctor the cattle.

Start Roping

If you’re interested in roping, then the best place to start is on the ground with a rope. You don’t even need a fancy roping dummy. The goal is to get comfortable throwing the rope. It takes a lot of practice! In the beginning, keep your sessions short and frequent. Take just 5-10 minutes to play with your rope throughout the day and week. An extra soft rope is helpful for those learning!

Ultimately, you’ll need to find some help from a more experienced roper. This can be in the form of an instructor or a fellow barn buddy. They can give you tips and spot issues.

A closeup of a roping saddle. Photo by Bailey Alexander.

Ronnie Garcia, a sponsored rider for Riding Warehouse, shares some valuable tips on getting started in team roping. He also includes a list of tack necessities for the horse and apparel for the rider.

This sport is hard work, but the paid off is worth it. Get ready to have fun and make new friends!