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Cowgirl Hotlist

Decorating can be expensive and quite a process but sometimes those investment pieces are what really take your home to the next level. Rugs are expensive, especially large rugs, but a rug can add texture, warmth and personality to a room instantly. Take a look at all of these rooms and try to imagine them without the rugs, they would not look nearly as nice. Above, keep bedrooms warm and cozy with the addition of a nice rug, the bedding doesn’t have to match the rug’s print but as long as you keep the same color scheme it will look great. Photo source: Houzz > Love cowhide but you want to cover a larger space? Try layering the cowhide on top of a larger rug or carpeting to create depth. Photo source: Houzz >   This room is full of mismatched prints of the same color scheme, the rug adds warmth and personality to the space. Photo source: Houzz >  This room is sleek and modern and could have easily looked cold without the shag rug. Use a textured rug to add warmth and appeal to rooms that have lots of smooth leather furniture and surfaces. Afterall you don’t want your home to look like a museum. Photo source: Houzz >  Use a rug to tie your color scheme together. This room is full of neutral shades and the cowhide print is a perfect marriage of cream and brown. Photo source: Houzz >  Use a rug to add color to your home and bring out some personality. Adding a colorful print is an easy way to bring in color without having to paint your walls. Photo source: Houzz > Create a print scheme, this rug and couch pair perfectly together. Photo source: Houzz >  Are big rugs just out of your price point right now? Invest in a collection of smaller rugs overtime and really bring attention to your floors. This space has layered four different rugs. Photo source: Houzz >