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Boots? Love ’em. Cowgirl boot storage? Not so much. With these tips, your boots won’t be in the way, and can actually serve as fun, Western decor for your living space!

These shelves are exactly what every girl needs! Karina, a.k.a. Thrifty Turquoise, has boot shelves that she’s expanded over the years to accommodate her growing collection.

She started with just two shelves on the ground, and has expanded upward, adding wall shelves for added storage. Storing your boots this way will help keep them in great condition; no more squashed snip toes!

For even sturdier boots, use pool noodles! They help your boots stay stiff and tall all at once. You can even decorate them to fit your style with stickers, paint, or fabric.

And, you’re in luck! With everyone in summer vacation mode, now is the perfect time to find pool noodles at one of your local stores for all of your boots. Once you find some, just cut them into the size that you need for each pair of boots and you’re good to go!

Photo from Sew Sweet Vintage.

Sensible boot storage is essential for any cowgirl, and shelves and pool noodles are the key! Who knew?