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A wither tracing is a template of your horse’s back. It is often used by saddle fitters to find a properly-fitted saddle for your horse. With a few basic supplies like a flexible curve and tape, you can create your very own tracing. Generally, there are three measurements that are taken- the wither, mid-back, and last rib.

Wither Tracing

A properly-fitted saddle can make all the difference in your horse’s performance. They may misbehave or develop sore spots, if the saddle it too narrow or wide. Furthermore, saddles that are too long can put strain on their back. You need one that fits just right!

Wither tracings can be scanned into a computer as a PDF and sent to various tack stores. English riders tend to use these the most, but they can be helpful for a variety of disciplines.


  • Flexible curve
  • Marker
  • Tape or chalk (not the same color as your horse)
  • Folder or large piece of paper
  • Extra set of hands
  • Flat, level ground

Follow this tutorial from Trumbull Mountain Tack Shop. In a few steps, you’ll have a basic wither tracing of your horse’s back.

When it comes to fitting a saddle to your horse, don’t take shortcuts or guess. Get the real measurements!