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Many horse lovers enjoy trail riding in the fall. The scenery is gorgeous! It does come with some obstacles though. For one, hunting season begins in the fall for many areas. You don’t want your horse to be mistaken for a deer or another animal. It’s important you wear reflective tack and apparel, in order to become more visible and state your presence.

Hunting Safety Tack & Apparel

  1. Horze Reflective Wrap Riding Sheet, $139.99, Dover Saddlery
  2. HighVizibility Ladies’ Reflective Air Waistcoat, $5.00, Horse Loverz
  3. Bright Orange Traditional Halter Bridle, $44.00, Two Horse Tack
  4. Jacks Pony Polo Bandages, $13.70, Horse Loverz
  5. LED Horse Breastplate Collar, $38.99, Horse Tack Saddles

These vibrant orange accessories will let hunters know of your presence! It’s important you deck your horse out in bright, reflective colors. It could literally save your life!

Other things to consider are ride in a group, wear bells or rhythm beads, and avoid dawn and dusk. A group of riders is likely to make more commotion than a single horse. Furthermore, bells will help others on the trail hear you and your horse coming. Dawn and dusk are prime hunting times, so try to ride outside of those hours.

With these safety accessories and tips, you’ll be better prepared this season!