Most riders have heard the term ‘husband safe’ or ‘bombproof’ used to describe quiet and well-mannered horses. The reality is most boyfriends, fiancés, and husbands know very little about horses. These guys are usually willing to try and understand your passion, but for their safety.. get them a quiet horse!

Traits of the Husband Horse

  1. Experienced: These horses usually have a good amount of miles under saddle. They’ve been there and done that! It’s usually helpful if a professional trainer has worked with them.
  2. Forgiving: Let’s face it… beginners make a lot of mistakes. This type of horse won’t hold a grudge or take advantage of these riders.
  3. Slow & steady: There’s no race to be won. A husband horse is happy to walk along quietly. Very little excites them!
  4. Polite: They won’t bite, kick, or invade your personal space. You would even trust your kid around them!
  5. Trustworthy: You can really depend on a bombproof horse. You know they’ll always look after their rider.

The color and breed of the horse is less important than these five traits. If you find one that checks off these boxes, then you know you have a keeper!