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“If I Were Honest” is the title track off Angie Goeke‘s upcoming debut full-length album. We have an exclusive first look at the new single and the story behind it!

Inspiration struck during a livestream, where she was hosting an online auction selling jewelry and art that she made to raise money for the record. She recalls, “For the livestream, two of my closest friends were sitting across the table from me and my husband. And I don’t quite remember the discussion, but I said in response to something, “Well, if I were honest… I’d probably lie.” And the four of us all chimed in, “That would make a great song!””

“I immediately thought of a couple going through the actions of an anniversary dinner, all the while feeling less than optimistic about the relationship,” Angie explains. “And how many times are we just in denial about the reality of a situation? We end up lying to others and ourselves to cope and push through.” 

Angie tried to play out the story as if she were watching a movie in her mind, the sounds, the sights, but then imagined what the wife must be thinking during the situation. She tried to keep that point of view central to the writing, and wanted the melody to feel a bit like a fancy French restaurant at the start, but then get a little disheveled and angry when we really get to dive into the complexities of emotions.

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“I hope that listeners are intrigued by the statement, that they wonder and reflect enough to identify when they willingly lie to themselves or others, and then implement necessary change, if any. I know I have benefited from the deeper thinking and conversations. So I hope I can share those benefits with others.”

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