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Photo courtesy of Just Peachy DoubleWide Designs……

Ear tags aren’t just for cattle anymore! The familiar shape is getting a makeover in the form of jewelry and other accessories. Whether it be your brand, initials, or even turquoise (because, yes, turquoise can be added to anything), any vision can become a reality!

A classic engraved brand pendant is always a good choice!

Remember when I said turquoise can be added to anything?

Personalize a pendant with your initials, or turquoise, or both! These would also make a great gift!

Literally any design matches with the shape of an ear tag!

Not feeling jewelry? How about some cute keychains?

Spice ’em up with some fringe…

Or take it to the next level with a personalized rasp cut out!

Need something to carry your new jewelry in? How about these vintage cases?