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Cowgirl Hotlist

If you are a fan of the whimsical and imaginative then Vanessa Mooney jewelry designs will be right up your alley! She channels a certain geometry to her designs and creates beautiful lines that are all very southwestern and very, “us,” for that matter. Many of Vanessa Mooney’s necklace designs are delicate with one badass detail that you and your jewelry collection can’t live without. The daintiness of her neckpieces makes them perfect for layering away with your other neck candy, too! Although you won’t find her work in most western stores, most VM pieces are ideal for someone with a western chic style aesthetic. If you’re tired of the same old jewelry at the same old stores you shop at, consider checking out Vanessa Mooney. Celebrities love it. We love it. So jump on board the Vanessa Mooney bandwagon. Unearthly Cuff Bracelet    Open Road Ring     Diamond Feather Pendant   Longhorn Necklace     Mojave Cuff     Viviane Silver Ladder Necklace     Charolette Mae Gold Choker Necklace     Canyon Leather Necklace   My Cherie Tassel Earrings   Haper Coin Bandana Necklace