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Impact Gel, “the #1 selling saddle pad in America,” offers five new styles in earthy tones and natural colors, in their 2023 Fall line known as “The Elements Collection”. Keep your horse as stylish as they are comfortable with this new release.

“Impact gel is a patented material made of interconnected energy dissipating molecules,” their website explains. “These structures, called cross-links, allow the gel molecules to move freely around one another while remaining linked. The Impact Gel absorbs and dissipates force of impact and pressure points associated with inconsistencies of saddle fit.”

Impact Gel saddle pads are 1) environmental friendly, 2) antimicrobial, 3) temperature resistant, and 4) shock absorbing.






Just in time for those fall rodeos, horse shows, or cool evening rides, choose your new favorite saddle pad. With the fall palette, these colors can go from the show pen to the rodeo alleyway without every skipping a beat. Shop the new collection here!