Your horse naturally chooses to graze throughout the day. They are born wanderers. Turnout is essential to not only their physical health, but also their mental well-being. Let them be a horse! The fresh air will do them good.

Top Reasons for Turnout

Social Interaction: Your horse is a social creature. They prefer the company of others, rather than isolation and solitude. If you turn out your horse, it’s important to provide them company. At the very least, you should place another horse in the pasture next to them.

Busting Boredom: Horses can develop nasty vices when left in a stall 24/7. From cribbing to weaving and kicking doors, a bored horse is one that will cause trouble. They’re smarter than most people give them credit for. Turnout with others gives them mental stimulation.

Digestive Health: Those stalled are more likely to colic. When roaming out in the pasture, your horse’s gut has more movement. Be careful of impaction colic, stall keepers!

Hoof & Leg Health: When you lock your horse inside for most of the day, you reduce the blood circulation in their hooves and legs. Some horses’ legs even stock up (or swell). Those that paw or bang on stall doors also take the risk of injuring themselves.

These are just a few reasons for turnout. Consider your horse’s respiratory system! Fresh, outdoor air is best for their lungs. There’s also behavioral things like anxiety and restlessness when stalled. The list goes on and on!

Keeping your horse inside isn’t all bad, but it shouldn’t be done 24/7. Unless you have a unique situation, most horses do much better with turnout. They enjoy wandering, grazing, interacting with others, and even a good gallop!

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