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Cowgirl Hotlist

Looking for a way to amp up your home’s decor? Try adding a piece of large art to make a big statement. These homes feature horse prints with big style. Art can be expensive but it’s worth the investment or sometimes a simple DIY solution is out there instead. Above, this horse art really brings the dining room together. Image via Houzz >  Hallways often get neglected because of their size, a long horizontal piece is perfect for this space. Image via Houzz >  Dress up your corner with a large print, a saddle is optional but definitely a do! Image via Houzz > A neutral print that matches the walls on a black background really pops in this space. Image via Houzz > This stunning piece really brings this space to life. Image via Houzz >   Hang your art above a small table in the hallway, how beautiful is that table? Image via Houzz >  A mural or piece that takes up almost a whole wall is always a good idea. Image via Houzz > This horse art almost blends in with the wall and the textures keep the room warm and inviting. Image via Houzz >