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Photo by Sam-Sin Photography courtesy of Fernando Sam-Sin on Facebook……

Heaven gained another horse angel this past week in Herber City, Utah. Professional Barrel Racer, Jessie Telford, lost her cool whip of a horse. Famous Cool Whip qualified her for her first Wrangler NFR in 2018. Since then, this ten year-old sorrel gelding had been a thrill to watch. He was famous for his long stride that glided him and Telford through every run, making it look effortless. I mean, his fame is even in his name, “Famous Cool Whip.” Pretty fitting right? With Telford in our thoughts and prayers, Cool Whip deserves some great recognition.

Photo courtesy of Jessie Telford on Facebook

Cool Whip was as homegrown as it gets. According to a Western Women article, He is an own son of Telford’s high school and college rodeo mare.

Photo by Matt Cohen courtesy of Matt Cohen on Facebook

“It just seemed like if I entered, I was winning something!” she (Jessie Telford) says. “Famous Cool Whip was working outstandingly, and I didn’t have to haul very far.”

Quote by Jessie Telford courtesy of

A suspected aneurysm at the end of their run in slack is not the way a horse as cool as Cool Whip, let alone any horse, should pass. The Cowboy Channel was quick to keep fans updated on the tragedy. Click here to read what they had to say!

Many rodeo fans were waiting to hear to hear Telford’s update posted on her Facebook. You can find them here.

Photo by Sam-Sin Photography courtesy of Fernando Sam-Sin on Facebook

Cool Whip’s time in the professional arenas, but his memory in our hearts is long lasting. Cowgirl prayers to you Jessie and Cool Whip!