Stunning jewelry is the hallmark statement in these casual-yet-classy outfits suitable for everything from the resort to a night out on the town.

Photographed by Ken Amorosano, Styled by Rhiannon Deremo, Hair and Makeup by Julie Koeth

Shot on location at Royal Palms Resort and Spa, Scottsdale, Arizona –

Jacket, Double D Ranch, $835,; dress, Peruvian Connection, $99,; turquoise concho belt, Peyote Bird, $3,250,;  lapis earrings, $198, lapis slab necklace, $324, lapis and turquoise single strand necklace, $242, mixed stone 3-strand necklace, $172, lapis ring, $168, all Dana Voorhees,;  white beaded bracelet, Linn & Laurel, $55,

Hat, Resistol, $400,; blazer, $77, lace cami, $57, both Savannah Sevens,; jeans, Kimes Ranch, $120,; boots, Dan Post, contact for pricing,; labradorite & turquoise necklace with pendant, $459, labradorite and turquoise disk necklace, $162, labradorite and turquoise necklace, $172, beaded bracelet, $168, all Dana Voorhees,; sterling silver cuff, Rocki Gorman, $625,

Hat, Stetson, $510,; dress, Ryan Michael, $165,; boots, Old Gringo, $499,; earrings, $198, beaded necklace with pendant, $398, single-strand beaded necklace, $182, beaded bracelet, $172, ring, $132, all Dana Voorhees,;  cuff, Peyote Bird, $1,325,; belt, Rocki Gorman, $3,600,

Serape top, Silverado  Apparel, $209,; black top,  Last Tango, $55,; pants, Articles of Society, $59,; boots, Corral, $270,; belt and buckle, Brit West, contact for pricing,; short black beaded necklace, $365, black pendant, $400, malachite necklace, $515, long black beaded necklace , $970, silver cuff, $565, spiney oyster ring, $285, spiney oyster cuff, $700, all Rocki Gorman,

Dress, The Brave Bohemian, $64,; leather necklace, $145, pearl bracelet, $60, wood bracelet, $70, all Linn & Laurel,; turquoise necklace, Peyote Bird, $250,; cuff, $60, beaded bracelet, The Brave Bohemian, $28,

Blouse, Double D Ranch, $208,; cami, Free People, $30,; jeans, Cruel Denim, $70,; boots, Liberty Black, $360,; belt, Amsterdam Cowboys, $60,; Navajo pearl necklace, $375, turquoise beaded necklace, $113, red beaded necklace, $113, chili rose dainty beaded necklace, $650, ring, $240, leather wrap bracelet, $795, beaded bracelet, $123, chili rose beaded bracelet, $1,295, all Peyote Bird,

Hat, Greeley Hat Works, contact for pricing,; blouse, Roja Collection, $208,; pants, Articles of Society, $59,; boots, Old Gringo, $379,; earrings, Rocki Gorman, $175,; turquoise beaded necklace, $1,700, squash blossom and turquoise pendant necklace, $1,450, cuff, $1,450, all Peyote Bird,; turquoise beaded bracelet, The Brave Bohemian, $28,; wood beaded bracelet, Linn & Laurel, $55,; turquoise ring, Dana Voorhees, $162,

Hat, Double D Ranch, $625,; blouse, Ariat, $63,; stock tie, Shires Equestrian, $17,; lace kimono, Lil Bee’s Bohemian, $32,; jeans, Kimes Ranch, $140,; boots, Old Gringo, $769,; earrings, $155, Navajo pearl necklace, $1,550, butterfly pin, $595, turquoise cuff, $1,250, ring, $425, all Peyote Bird,; silver cuff, Rocki Gorman, $650,

Summer Fashion: Desert Dream