PC: Blackburn.

Most dream barns wouldn’t be complete without a gorgeous indoor riding arena. Indoor arenas make year-round riding a reality. They’re perfect in cold weather, when it’s raining, or to escape the blazing sun. While these may be a little over the top, a cowgirl can dream!

PC: Blackburn.

The wooden arches of this arena are stunning, but it’s the lounge that really sets this dream space over the top. Auditors have the perfect view from above. There’s no missing any action!

PC: IGK Equestrian.

Light and bright make this arena perfect! There’s tons of windows and transparent paneling to let natural light in. The wooden kick walls are a nice safety feature.

PC: Europiron.

How spacious is this magnificent riding arena? You can run barrels, rope cattle, and still have space to spare. The open sides make this more of a covered arena, but allow nice airflow.

PC: Winkler Structures.

This 100 by 228 feet canvas structure makes for a great indoor arena. Fabric buildings are a good option for those that like natural light.

PC: Pinterest.

Another fabric building that’s just wonderful! This one has sides that go up and down depending on the weather. The wooden kick walls are a nice touch.

What does your dream indoor arena look like?