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After battling cancer and making the detrimental decision to fight infertility in her 20’s, Kate Weber is continuing the fight with Kate’s Cause.

“In November of 2018 I was diagnosed with embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma of the cervix/uterus. At only 25 years old, it was a complete shock to hear the diagnosis after a routine procedure. During my first few appointments, I was given the rundown of how my treatment should go, and was given the option to have fertility preservation done before starting my treatment for the cancer which included chemo and surgery.

“At that time, I also learned that insurance would not cover any of my fertility treatment because it is deemed “elective” even though infertility is a side effect of the treatment to save my life. With everything else being thrown at me about my health, I also had to make a quick decision on whether or not I would have the fertility treatment done, and how I was going to afford it. Thankfully, I have an amazing support system that made sure I had the funds to pay for the treatment, so I could have a family in the future. On top of that, my identical twin sister immediately stepped forward and offered to be my surrogatewhen the time comes.

“After finishing my treatment and my experiences, I started my non profit organization Kate’s Cause to raise money to pay for women’s fertility preservation before starting cancer treatment. I believe that no woman should have to sacrifice having a family to save her life, and that having the option to have a family after cancer is not elective.” -Kate Weber

Note from Cowgirl Magazine writer, Katie Lynn: “As a young 26-year-old woman, hearing Kate’s story is something I can’t imagine going through. I met her in passing through a mutual friend of ours without either of us realizing we had crossed paths a few times before at Western industry events. Her strength and openness about the battle she’s fought, and continues to fight for others, is incredible. Her ability to share her story so casually in front of others (mind you, a large group of my friends that she had never met before) absolutely floored me. Not only did she survive a hand of cards that was dealt to her at such a young age, she’s continuing to THRIVE and be an advocate for other young women that might be experiencing the same thing she did. Kate’s Cause is dedicated to providing funds and raising awareness to fertility preservation for cancer patients…and empowering women everywhere.”