Photo by: Alfred Janssen III (Howard Pitzer and Two Eyed Jack)……

Since colonial days, Quarter Horses have worked on the ranch. Early farmers quickly saw their value and how versatile they were. Even today, this breed can be seen riding and competing in a range of disciplines. There are a few critical bloodlines that have shaped Quarter Horses as we know them!

Famous Quarter Horses

1. Two Eyed Joe – Starting his career as a halter horse, Two Eyed Joe later competed in working cow horse, reining, and western pleasure. He had a gentle disposition and a winning attitude that many of his offspring inherited.

This stallion is known as an all-time leading sire with 149 AQHA Champions and 16 AQHA World Show Champion offsprings.

2. Joe Hancock – This stallion had a unique breeding with a Quarter Horse sire and a Percheron/Thoroughbred-type dam. His sire was the legendary Peter McCue. Because of this, he had a stout built and calm disposition.

Joe Hancock had a successful racing career. Not only was he fast, but he had great cow sense and worked cattle frequently. His offspring went on to become champion roping horses with hardy conformations.

3. Doc Bar – Perhaps one the greatest cow-horse sires to ever exist, Doc Bar was a chestnut stallion born in 1956. Though his racing career was unsuccessful, he went on to become a champion halter horse. His offspring are known for their athleticism and trainability.

4. Driftwood – This stallion was a top racehorse born in 1932. After his racing days, he became a roping horse in professional rodeos. He also succeeded at this! Many of Driftwood’s offspring have natural cow sense. They can be seen in ranch and rodeo settings.

5. Peppy San Badger – Having produced some of the best ranch horses out there, Peppy San Badger is a legend. Born in 1974, this stallion won the NCHA Futurity. He was incredibly athletic and a skilled cutting horse. His offspring compete in cutting, reined cow horse, and reining.

6. Playgun – The youngest of the group, this stallion was born in 1992. He earned over $185,000 in cutting competitions. His offspring have earned over $5 million in reining, cutting, reined cow horse, roping, and ranch classes. They are known for their size, sound conformation, and cow sense.

These are just a few of the incredible stallions that have shaped the Quarter Horse breed. There are many others!