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Shopping to help save the world is definitely something we can get behind! There’s no doubt Inkkas footwear is cute, but it also helps with conservation!

“The Inkkas company is founded on the principles of fair trade and global  philanthropy. Inkkas are crafted with respect for the environment and the people who make them.

“As part of the OneShoeOneTree project, we plant one tree for every purchase. In partnership with TreesForTheFuture we are helping reforest the world to provide sustenance for local populations in developing countries.

“You permanently increase the income of poor farmers. You provide permanent and seasonal employment. You help families to feed themselves.

“When you wear your Inkkas, you’re wearing a piece of a better world. It’s a shoe that has the power to change lives every day. With your help, we’ve made it our reality.” -Inkkas

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