Inspiring Horse

Inspiring Horse

If you want a more willing partner, it’s time to work on inspiring your horse! There’s a huge difference between a horse that gives their all and one that barely gets through the ride. Horses can be encouraged and motivated just like people. These five tips will be the spark that your horse needs to work harder!

1. Let your horse know how great they are: Rewards should be clear. Use your voice and physical affection to let your horse know when they have done something right. This will encourage them to try again. A perky and positive “good boy/girl” will make the message clear.

2. Long breaks are enjoyable: Hard work should also be rewarded with periods of rest. After rewarding your horse, allow several minutes of relaxation. Use this time to let your equine partner compose themselves mentally and physically.

3. Give big releases: Horses learn that what they’re doing is good by taking the pressure off when a maneuver is performed correctly. By stepping back, your horse can get into a comfortable space for a moment.

4. Slow down your training: Don’t try to overachieve by sacrificing your horse’s happiness. Take your time teaching new skills. You can avoid a frustrated or confused horse when you keep sessions short, yet frequent.

5. Be a fun person: Help your horse see you as a safe person to be around. Create a strong bond by enjoying downtime with your horse.

Take the time to create a good relationship with your horse…you won’t regret it!

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