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Season 6 of INSP’s The Cowboy Way premieres tomorrow, and COWGIRL got the chance to speak with the women of TCW about the new season, their lives on camera, and their thoughts on the female presence on the show.

COWGIRL: Tell us how you got involved with The Cowboy Way.

Kaley Thompson: Ironically, when I started dating my husband, Bubba, he told me he was done with all things TV. It was totally fine with me because I never saw myself on TV. Well, fast forward several months and we got the call about the pilot for The Cowboy Way, and we decided to move forward with it. Now, I love what we do and enjoy sharing our lifestyle with so many people.

Kaley Thompson.

Jaclyn Brown: When I met Booger he was already filming for Season 1 of The Cowboy Way

Misty Harris: I became involved with The Cowboy Way by default of being Cody’s wife. We actually shot the pilot for the TV show during our first year of marriage, and I remember feeling so awkward!  It truly is a unique experience that I am grateful to be a part of.

CG: What is it like having your life on tape?

KT: Of course, like all things there are pros and cons, but in our case there are far more pros. We get to have all of our ‘big moments’ filmed, and it’s always great to have that footage. Plus, we get to meet so many amazing people that connect to us and the show.

JB: Having my life on tape is different than anything else I’ve ever done before. It has changed some aspects of my life. However, overall I feel like it hasn’t changed me very much. I am still the same person that I always was. The main differences are that people recognize me and details of my personal life are on national television. It’s been a positive experience and if nothing else, I hope that seeing my life on television can give someone hope.

MH: It is absolutely a surreal experience to watch myself back on our show. My favorite part about the entire experience is having Carter’s young life documented and being able to literally watch him grow up.

CG: How do you balance daily life with filming the show?

KT: Not going to lie, when cameras are rolling it’s a little hectic. Balancing between everyday tasks and filming can get tricky. Routine is best if possible. However, some days you just have to wing it and brush things off that don’t go according to plan.

JB: This is a tough one. I have a paper calendar that I carry around in my purse. If I don’t have it with me I feel lost. I try to be as prepared as possible, and I also do a lot of double tasking.

MH:Balancing daily life while filming the show does present a challenge most days, but it is entirely worth it. I simply do my best to organize our schedules, stay proactive and take on each day with a smile, knowing that our efforts are appreciated by our viewers.

Misty Harris.

CG: How would you describe your relationship with the other women on the show?

KT:We are all busy mamas and business women, but every time we get together we have a good time! 

JB: We are all so very different, but we all have each other’s backs. We also know how to have fun together!

MH: Filming this show together has given our relationships a complexity that most will never encounter. Being a part of a TV show is such a unique opportunity, and I am grateful that I have Jaclyn and Kaley on this journey.

CG: What do you think about the female presence on the show?

KT: Honestly, I think we play a back seat to the guys, but in my opinion, we should. The show is The Cowboy Way, so obviously they focus on the guys and ranching the most, and we get to have our family moments in between. I’m good with that, and I think our presence is known when it needs to be.

JB:I feel like the females on the show compliment the cowboys and their wild ways. We are the glue that holds the families together.

MH: I am so glad that we ladies have such a strong presence on the show. We have each been given the opportunity to showcase our area of interest as independent women. It has been extra exciting for me because I have been able to show my background in rodeo and my transition into a cattle woman and founder of Full Moon Cattle Company.

CG: When cowgirls watch The Cowboy Way, what do you hope they take from it?

KT: I hope they see us wives as strong, Christian women that are supportive and helpful. We aren’t afraid to be caring wives but also independent women.

JB: I hope that any girl who watches The Cowboy Way will see that it is possible to balance work and family. To me, there is nothing more important than being a good mom. I want every girl to know that you can have a career, a busy husband, and still make the well-being of your family as your primary focus.

MH: My hope for cowgirls that watch the show is that one of us on The Cowboy Way is able to help challenge and inspire their lives.

CG: How does this season compare to previous seasons?

KT:This season will be different than all the others. The viewers are used to seeing the guys 100% on the same page, and this season may catch them off guard at times.

JB: Season six is similar to previous seasons in some ways, but all of our lives are different from one day to the next and a reality show is the same. It covers our ups and downs, and I can guarantee that it will be exciting!

MH: Season 6 will bring the same energetic, positive entertainment that previous seasons have shown.

CG: What should audiences expect from this season?

KT: Season 6 should be captivating for the audience. The guys hit a very interesting, pivotal crossroads, and I think the viewers will enjoy watching it play out.

JB: Our audience can always expect to see us portray the wholesome family values that they have grown to love season after season.

MH: Audiences should expect to see the cast take on the most extreme challenges yet! Stay tuned.

CG: What would you like our readers to know about you or the show that they might not be aware of?

KT: At the end of the day, even though I am on their TV screen, I am very much a ‘normal’ person living life just like them. I love connecting with the audience on social media and letting them see some of our everyday, unedited life.

JB: One thing that may not be evident in the show is how busy Booger and I are with his Performance Horses business. We have been on the road at least 2-3 times a month for the last couple years. We put on horsemanship clinics, compete, go to trade shows, announce rodeos, speak at events and churches, and more. All of that is in addition to him working with the guys, filming the show, training horses at home and taking care of our cattle. We are hopeful that in the near future we will be able to find the perfect piece of property for not only a home but also for training facilities to hold events and clinics.

MH: I want readers to know that we are all regular people who happen to be on a television show. I can speak for Cody and myself by saying that we do not view ourselves as ‘celebrities.’ Most people do not know that Cody and I actually own two companies!

See Kaley, Jaclyn, and Misty in action when Season 6 of The Cowboy Way premieres Wednesday, February 5th at 8:00 PM EST/10:00 PST on INSP.