Photographer: Elijah Jolley.……

COWGIRL Magazine launched it’s first-ever model search in pursuit of a fresh face to represent the brand for 2021-2022. 

Our model not only had to look the part but embody what we believe to be a true “COWGIRL.” Someone with a passion for the Western industry who would be able to share that love by teaching and empowering others. Someone who could be a role model for younger cowgirls and could see this opportunity to learn from some of the most well-respected in our community. Someone who can speak on our behalf and represent the brand and our partners that we care so deeply for. Someone who would uphold our same values and be a trailblazer for women in the Western industry.

From over 90 well-qualified applicants, three rounds of selections, and video interviews with the models, we narrowed our selections down to our top three. We are so proud to present Payton Hall as The New Face Of COWGIRL’s 2021-2022 Model Search and welcome her to our COWGIRL family.

Without further ado, meet Payton Hall…

Photographer: Elijah Jolley (@elijahjolley); Hat: Greeley Hatworks; Jeans: Kimes Ranch.



Payton Hall is a 20-year-old cowgirl from Lubbock, Texas. She is currently a nursing student and loves to team rope. She loves the Western lifestyle and Western fashion.

“COWGIRL Magazine doesn’t just depict ranching or Western fashion, they focus on the entire lifestyle of the cowgirl. I aspire to live my life in this way. I don’t want to be just a rancher, or a roper, or just a student, or just someone who is involved in Western fashion. I want to be all of these things and I feel like I am someone who is all of these.

I love absolutely everything about COWGIRL Magazine and every time I get the latest issue in the mail I look through it and aspire to be the women I see. I want to be an influence for younger girls who want to be a “cowgirl.” A role model that is not only a strong woman but one that is strong in her faith, morals, beliefs, and values.

I love to model and I especially love modeling and representing Western fashion. As a future nurse, I live in scrubs and will for the rest of my life at work, and Western fashion is my outlet for expressing myself and my lifestyle, which I love to represent because I grew up in the Western industry rodeoing, ranching, doing FFA, and 4-H.

As the new face of COWGIRL Magazine, I feel extremely blessed and proud to represent these things that have made me who I am.”

When asked what the word “COWGIRL” meant to her, Payton replied:

“I believe the word “cowgirl” is not just a title. To me, the word “cowgirl” is much more broad; it represents a lifestyle of someone who is passionate, hardworking, dedicated, faithful, trustworthy, strong, loving, and so much more. This is a word that truly means so much to me.

Growing up in rodeo and around ranching in New Mexico has given me a great appreciation for the cowgirl lifestyle and what it means to be a “cowgirl”.

“Cowgirl” is a term reflective of the way someone treats others, animals, the land, and all of God’s creations.

The cowgirl, she is so much to so many. She is a little girl on her pony helping her family gather cattle. She is a mom hurrying to get supper done for her family after a hard day’s work. She is a sister, and she is a friend. There are many strong-willed women who have developed the word “cowgirl” into what it is today.

“Cowgirl”, she is you and she is me.”

LEFT: Photographer: Elijah Jolley (@elijahjolley); Hat: Greeley Hatworks; Jeans: Kimes Ranch.

Look for Payton in COWGIRL’s November/December 2021 issue in our fall fashion feature coming early August and follow along with Payton and the rest of the COWGIRL team for the latest in Western fashion and lifestyle on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest!