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Temperatures plummeted into the negatives across the nation. With the wind chill, it’s beyond cold! Horse owners rushed to local tack stores to grab blankets and heated water blankets. The big question on everyone’s mind,”Is my horse cold?”.

Signs Your Horse Is Cold

  • They’re shivering. Most commonly they’ll shiver in the hind limbs, but you can also observe their forelimbs shaking.
  • Your horse’s body temperature drops. Hypothermia starts when their temperature reads 98-99 degrees.
  • They’re acting unusual. Some will run around like crazy, while others will huddle close to other horses.
  • If their skin is wet, they’re much more likely to be cold.
  • Hard keepers with thin winter coats usually struggle to stay warm, so keep a close on eye them.
  • Feel your horse’s shoulders and chest. If they’re cold to the touch, then they may be struggling to stay warm.
  • Horses will lose weight when they remain cold for long periods.

If you notice any of these indictors, then it’s time to take immediate action. Depending on how cold they are, provide them with shelter and extra hay. Some horses will need to be covered with a medium- or heavy-weight blanket. In extreme cases, contact your veterinarian.

Make sure to take proper steps to ensure your horse is ready for winter!