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Spring has sprung and so has the hair from your horse’s body! Shedding season is here. Every trip to the barn will have your hands, sweater, and pants covered in hair. Not to mention, the barn floor will be buried in it when you groom. These riders understand exactly what I’m talking about…

Shedding Horses

How kind of this horse to share his winter coat! Some might even define shedding season as the transfer of horse hair to human.

Can anyone determine what color horses this rider has? Nothing quite like hair art!

This pony @oneheartwild lost a few pounds after that grooming session. Miniatures and ponies seem to have the thickest of coats.

How does this horse still have any hair? That’s right, horses have an endless supply apparently.

What’s your weapon of choice? This shedding glove is fighting a good battle!

Let the fun begin! Grab your rubber curry and metal scraper… things are about to get hairy.