In the event of an emergency, your trail ride can quickly take a turn for the worse! Horses spook, riders fall, people get lost… there are a ton of potential problems. If you’re smart, you’ll plan ahead and get prepared before you ride out. That includes packing the right supplies!

Put these items on your trail riding checklist.

1. Cell phone: You may need to call for help or use the map feature

2. GPS, compass, or map of the area: Getting lost is no fun, but at least you can find your way back home with a GPS or map.

3. Duct tape: Helpful for wrapping a hoof or taping broken tack

4. Hoof pick: A trapped rock can cause you horse to walk with a limp

5. Small first-aid kit: You never know when a rider or horse may hurt themselves

6. Flashlight: It can get dark in the trails, especially if you lose track of time.

7. Matches for fire starting: They can be useful when camping overnight unexpectedly

8. Rain poncho: The weather is a tricky thing… one minute it’s sunny, the next it’s raining

9.Space blanket: These are designed to keep you warm in an emergency

10. Toilet paper or paper towels: To cleanup a wound

11. Shoelaces or baling twine: Fix broken tack

12. Water: Staying hydrated is important

13. Small snack: You may need a kick of energy

14. Helmet: Make sure you protect your head

15. Warning whistle: Helpful in alerting other folks of danger

Depending on the distance and how long you expect to be gone, your saddle bag may be filled more or less. Remember though, emergencies happen even on short trail rides! You won’t want to find yourself lost or in a bind because you didn’t pack the right supplies.

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