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5 Must-Have Items For Trail Riding

Don't leave the barn without packing these items in your trail bag!

January 10, 2019

Trail rides are supposed to be relaxing and fun, but what happens when a problem arises? Hopefully you’re prepared! It’s important to keep a few items handy for those emergency moments. Before you hit the trails, check out this list of five important products you should always pack before a trail ride.

1) A snack: Pack yourself an energy bar, trail mix, or something quick and easy…and don’t forget to bring a bottle of water. A short trail ride can turn much longer in the blink of an eye. You’ll want to keep up your energy and stay hydrated.

2) Hoof pick: You never know what your horse might step on. A hoof pick is small enough to bring on the ride and could become very valuable. If your horse starts limping or favoring a leg, it’s probably a good idea to clean out their hoof and see if there’s something lodged. Even a small rock can cause a horse a lot of pain.

3) Cell phone: While you may imagine “getting away” for a bit without the ringing and beeping of a phone, these handy devices can actually save your life. It’s a good idea to bring one and keep it on silent. You can call someone in an emergency or even use the GPS feature.

4) Rain gear: Weather can be unpredictable! Thankfully, a lightweight poncho can be folded up and stored in your trail bag easily.

5) First-aid kit: A simple kit that includes bandages, aspirin, scissors, and rubber gloves is ideal to take along on rides.

To those experienced trail riders, what is your “must-have” trail item?

Cowgirl Hotlist

Our Newsletter to your inbox every week!