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Whether you opt to stick it to your water bottle, cooler, computer or notepad, stickers are a fun and easy way to show off some amazing art work everyday. They can customize your items to your style, and help you not lose your water bottle (guilty). And better yet, shop small while you are at it and show off some truly unique stickers!

Here are 5 small business makers that will help you customize your goodies with some western stickers. 

Old Sole Designs

Old Sole Designs has all the retro cowgirl stickers you could every need. The technicolor rainbows will have you feeling groovy. She even has a mini set of all the best sellers, for those that can not pick just one!

Roaming H Designs

The simplistic yet intricate black and white drawings of Roaming H’s sticker collection is bound to make you swoon. And for a bonus, they have much more than stickers! Check out their whole collection of prints and home goods, you won’t be able to decide on just one.


Wayward Western Co

Wayward Western Co’s Kaitie just gets it. Her first collection of stickers includes cute cowboy saying and even a portrait of her own horse. Who wouldn’t want that cute horse’s face in sticker form?!?


Whistling Saguaro

All hail the queen of desert and space vibes! The Whistling Saguaro’s collection of modern stickers is a perfect addition to any sticker-able surface you got. You can not go wrong with her classic “The Ace of Space” sticker. 


Farm Girl Boutique

You gotta love a good, farmer girl sticker. And Farm Girl Boutique has them all. From intricate, quotable stickers to cartoon, simple words and characters, there is truly a sticker for everyone.

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