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Photo courtesy of Kaci Myers.……

After recently announcing they were having another baby, Kaci and Cash Myers revealed they’re having TWINS! She shared the recap of the gender reveal on her Instagram, saying:

“For those of you unable to join us yesterday evening, here’s how it went:

“Strait and Ketch rode out first. Strait ponied a kid horse with a baby saddle; ketch carried blue balloons. We weren’t allowed to turn around until the crowd saw first! Marli cried so hard.. “I wanted a baby SISTER!!!!”

“Two pink balloons were accidentally released into the wild blue yonder…. Marli cried again because that’s what little girls do when balloons get away and dreams of baby sisters are shattered 😂

“Cash yelled for Westi. “Wait, where’s Westi??!!!”

“Westi came around the corner (FINALLY) ponying a SECOND kid horse with baby saddle, two pink balloons (that came untied and blew away AGAIN) and Marli had tears of Joy!!! Cash yelled, “THERES TWOOO!!!”

“We thought smoke cannons would be cool…. (Marli told the horses it would be scary, but not to be afraid….) I couldn’t get mine twisted. Ketch is the most hilarious to watch. All the horses scattered 😂

“Very typical Myers presentation. We were pleased 😂

“I. Cried. And laughed. The entire time. I still can’t believe there are TWO and I really can’t believe we get one of each. GOD IS SO, so good, y’all. This surprise…. I never imagined in my wildest dreams.

“Thanks to EVERYONE who helped pull off an epic party at our new home ❤️”

We can’t wait to meet the newest little bulldogger and breakaway roper!