All photos by Ivan McClellan (@eightsecs).……

“I come from a place where black folks work the land, tend to animals, rope, ride horses, and identify as cowboys. This is a narrative rarely told by the media,” says photojournalist and designer Ivan McClellan, also known as @eightsecs on Instagram.

“Today, the cowboy is a fluid figure represented by many races, cultures, and genders, presenting a more varied image than ever before. By building strong relationships, being open and curious, we aim to tell the stories of these modern cowboys.”

“I’m now singularly focused on this subject. My aim is to expand the cowboy icon to include people of color. To saturate the world with this image so my kids will draw a cowboy with brown skin.”

McClellan has led creative projects for WranglerStetsonBoot BarnTecovas. More recently, the Buffalo Bill Center of the West has put McClellan’s work on display in a special photography exhibition titled, Eight Seconds: Black Cowboys in America.

As for McClellan’s future plans, he says, “this work has taken me across the country. I’ve met so many interesting people who are open and eager to tell their stories. I plan to go even deeper as there is much I still don’t know. Always mindful to stay curious, non-judgemental, and to keep my vision sharp.”

Check out more of McClellan’s work on his Instagram.

(Courtesy of Eight Secs.)