Jack Daniel's limited- edition Eric Church Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey. Photo courtesy Jack Dani…

Eric Church now has his very own 94-proof special edition Jack Daniel’s whiskey. The “Jack Daniels ” singer has pledged his love for the Tennessee whiskey. And the distillery is sending its love right back!

The limited- edition Eric Church Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey bottles comes straight from Lynchburg. In a ebony black bottle to boot. The bottles honoring the single have impeccable gold detailing and a eagle holding two lightening bolts. So snazzy!

In an interview with Maxim, Eric gushed over his love for Jack. “My love for Jack Daniel’s is for the whiskey but it’s also about a can-do, small town attitude, where community, loyalty and hard work are the qualities the crafters of this American icon hang their hats.”

In the development of the limited edition line, Eric worked with Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller Jeff Arnett. The liquor is hand selected by Church himself. These bottles have aromas of caramel, oak and vanilla along side the signature scent of Jack Daniel’s. In the same interview, Arnett said “This special whiskey is reflective of Eric himself – bold, rich in character, forward and something that can be enjoyed by those with a taste for a well-rounded whiskey and a unique and memorable sipping experience.”

Check out this video from Jack Daniel’s for a behind the scenes look at what Jack & Eric put in to each bottle.

Now if someone could get a drink in my hand, that’d be great.

Eric Church is just one of many celebrities with their own liquors. Earlier this year, Midland LauncheD Tequila Brand INSÓLITO and just this week Jon Wolfe Just Released Juan Lobo Tequila!