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Julie, at Jack It Up Designs, creates decorative cow skulls that are the focal point in any room they are placed; each piece is carefully crafted to have its own unique style and flair. She’s done standard cow skulls, Longhorns, Watusis, Herefords, and even deer and other wildlife. From hair on hide, tooled leather, rhinestones, and countless other adornments, the intricacy of each piece of art will take your breath away.


What can be more cowgirl than a turquoise cow skull? I would love to put this piece in my home!


Jewels, jewels and more jewels! The detail that Julie has put into this piece is stunning.


I keep thinking I can’t fall more in love with Julie’s designs, but I do! This cow skull adorned with crystals and sequins needs to be in my home.


This is pure art! The aquamarine shade that is used perfectly complements the turquoise.


Copper goes with cowgirls just as much as turquoise does; how gorgeous is this design?


This Watusi skull is a knock out! I love the elegance of this piece and how it is beautifully tied together with purple flowers.


To all the hunting husbands out there, maybe you could compromise and let your wives get some of your trophies blinged out?

For more information about having your own custom creation, please visit Julie’s Instagram page @jackitupdesigns or message her on Facebook.