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A pandemic will not stop a breakaway ropers. Madison Outhier and Jackie Crawford have been taking some time to improve their skills at home.

According to her Instagram, Jackie Crawford is trying to “stay sharp” at home during social distancing. She’s trying to see the positive in this time and take some moments to slow down, but that doesn’t mean she’s off her horse!

“I’ve been wanting to slow down and revamp some things on my roping and do some different things with my colts and not be in such a rush,” says Jackie, “and so I’m going to try to make the most out of this and going to try to be sharp when things do start back up.”

One of the things she’s been up to: working on a young mare named Roulette. She posted some progress videos on her Instagram at the end of March.

Jackie also posted these videos during the pandemic of her putting her horse into a relaxed state to help better the horse in the arena.

Fellow breakaway roper Madison Outhier is using this time to improve her skills at home, as well.

“Finally have gotten a little time to start roping more on some different horses of mine during this quarantine time, and even started working on my 4 year old Honcho,” Madison wrote on Instagram.

Though these ropers are enjoying the time to improve their skills at home, they can’t wait for rodeo to start back up.