We’ve seen all the amazing work Signature Quarters does, especially when it comes to Jackie Crawford’s rodeo rigs. They recently revamped her motorhome and we are OBSESSED. It’s not only beautiful, but super functional for this rodeo mama and her family.


Jackie says the kitchen area was her favorite transformation. She explains just how important the kitchen is for their family and how many meals are made in the motorhome when they’re on the road. A key element to this remodel was incorporating an oven, which the bus previously lacked. Giving the cabinets a facelift and replacing the countertops elevated the kitchen into a bright and fresh space.

The most functional thing that Signature Quarters accomplished for Jackie’s home away from home was converting the queen size daybed. Before the remodel, the bed was only accessible with the slide-out, which meant it couldn’t be used when going down the road. Now the couch pulls into a bed without the slide-out and they incorporated several huge drawers for storage – talk about functional! 

The curtains and valences were all updated as well. Signature Quarters opted for a fresh and clean look with a cute Western pattern. They added a curtain to help with the lights glaring on the windshield when driving at night – Jackie says it also helps brighten up the space. 

The biggest surprise? The four-hat rack with baseball cap hangers! Perfect for all the hats during the season, especially the summer run!


In the words of Jackie during the reveal: “Abby, how do you do this?!” Jackie’s top request for the remodel was to create a light and bright space-it’s safe to say that they knocked it out of the park! We are always so impressed by the quality work Signature Quarters does and are looking forward to some successful rodeo seasons out of this motorhome!