jackie randall
Jackie Randall, Cavender’s Vice President Of Merchandise & Planning.……

For Jackie Randall, the secret to success—regardless of whether it is business, personal, or in any other context—is simple; family.  Between her strong-knit family upbringing to her supportive husband and children, her relationships have shaped her into the driven businesswoman she is today.

Three years ago, she joined the Cavender’s team and it brought her career back to her roots by incorporating the things she valued most into her daily life.  “Having been in the retail industry for over 35 years, I have worked for publicly held companies, privately owned companies, and now a family business, coming full circle,” says Randall.  “It feels like home.”

With a passion for working in the fashion industry and a lot of experience under her belt, Randall had high expectations for her work environment, and from the very beginning of her journey with Cavender’s, it did not disappoint. “When I met Joe, Clay, and Mike (the family behind the company name) for the first time, I knew I was where I wanted to be,” says Randall.  “This company knows their customers better than any retailer I have ever worked for and I knew instantly this would be a great company to work for.”

In addition to family support, she attributes her passion and willingness to learn as supplemental factors in her success.  “They say if you choose to do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life.  I feel like I live that life,” says Randall.  “If I can learn one thing a day, it’s a good day.”

Randall is passionate about the impact she has on the community.  “I want to have an impact on making someone’s life better and happier,” she says.  “Whether it’s helping someone feel confident because they have a great outfit to wear or helping them look the part for a job interview, I just want them to feel joy with whatever I have touched.”

She is also focused on helping the company continue to grow.  “I want to continue down the path of helping Cavender’s become the largest authentic Western wear and work wear brand across the U.S.” says Randall.  “It is important because we really do live it and it’s not just a brand, it’s a lifestyle for us here at Cavender’s.”