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Jack and Dominique meet each other in junior high school and started dating in high school. This team has been together 40 yrs and married for almost 38. Dominique was born and raised in Winslow, Arizona and Jack was born in El Paso, Texas. Jack and his father Jack Allen Sr. where avid team ropers during Jack Jr.’s teenage years. Jack grew up working on ranches in Northern Arizona and has a long family history in the ranching industry in both Texas and Arizona.

Jack Sr. started engraving back in the very early 80’s after winning a trophy buckle and upon further inspection when he got home he thought, “I bet I can do a better job than that,” and that’s how JAD Custom Engraving got its start. Between jobs, Jack and Dominique were in Winslow when Jack started learning the engraving trade from his dad. Allen Engravers was a very respected trophy buckle business back then and Jack Jr. stayed and worked with his dad for six years.

After much thought and heartfelt feelings,  they closed the buckle business in the early 90’s. At that time, Jack Jr. went to work for the Santa Fe railroad where he worked for the next 25 yrs. In late 2018, the team of Jack and Dominique decided to step this engraving business up to what it is today. Dominique took to silversmithing recently and has started engraving as well.

Over the years, she has continued to perfect her engraving techniques. Dominique’s dedication coupled with Jack’s years of knowledge has created an unstoppable team. Jack learned much of what he knows from his parents that also tooled leather…that explains the attention to detail!

“We strive to make cowgirl jewelry that is in a class of its own from here in the Southwest, the land we love so much!” -JAD Custom Engraving

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