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Jammin’ Jewelry


Jammin’ Jewelry

The right jewelry and accessories can transform a look entirely. Lucky for us, the western jewelry industry has seen a huge boom in the last couple years, not only in popularity but also in creativity and uniqueness.   These are some of my  favorite jewel crafters and their amazing products! Their skill and artistry is unbelievable and there is a style for almost anyone’s taste and preferences.The best part, they are American made, you’re supporting small business (maybe even local!) and a lot of them are entirely made by hand! Check it out for yourself!


Linn & Laurel Jewelry,


Margaret Sullivan,



J. Forks Designs,


Chelsea Collete Collections,


Peyote Bird,


The Classy Trailer,


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COWGIRL Online editor and Fashion Editor. I believe in a no-rules approach to fashion and style. Black can go with brown and gold can be paired with silver (see I told you, no rules). I love following the latest trends in the fashion world and applying them to the western industry. When I'm not COWGIRL-ing I spend the majority of my free time outside hiking, swimming, and biking around the southwest. Inquiries:



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