Photos courtesy of Lacee McClendon Photography……

COWGIRL Magazine’s own 30 Under 30 recipient is about to make a trip down the aisle! Here’s what Janie Johnson has to say about her outback kind of love.

“It’s funny how your rodeo family can bring people together. A mutual friend of ours needed to keep some horses at our place in between rodeos and Jake was tagging along with him. It was St Patty’s Day, and I had just flown in from a work trip, but we all ended up meeting some friends at the famous Big Texan Steak Ranch. Jake and I hit it off and he just kept showing up for me from then on.

“That week he helped my dad move cows, the next week he took me on a proper date, the next month he was there to help with our branding at our ranch. He’s a constant from moving and changing jobs to hundreds of rodeos across the country.

“Those life moments added up to me never wanting to do this crazy life with anyone else. Plus you’ll never meet anyone more fun than Jake Finlay! Our engagement photos mean so much to us because they were taken at my Grandma’s ranch off Palo Duro Canyon. That’s where he asked me to be his girlfriend and 3 years later his wife. We love our families, animals, and that ranch that we hope to live on one day, but I always say home is wherever he is. Love him to Australia and back forever and ever.” -Janie Johnson

Photos courtesy of Lacee McClendon Photography