“The JAX cowboy coffee team comes from all walks of life. From rodeo contestants, to filmmakers, coffee connoisseurs, and family legacies. JAX is more than a name. 

“In the old West, if you went out driving cattle across the plains, you had to trust the crew you rode with. Everyone had weight to pull and there was no room for a hand who slacked off. On the cattle drive it was a thin line between life and death. After a long days work the cowboys would make camp and settle in for the night. Before each new day, the fire was stoked, the tin was placed, and the cowboy coffee aroma would cover the camp. Stories were told and loved ones were missed. The dream of a successful life was abundant at the break of each new day.

“Keeping the spirit of the old west alive is important to us because it embodies an ethic of morality, a sense of justice, and rightness. It’s the simple things. Yes ma’am, no ma’am, being symbolic in nature and not letting the little things go by without the recognition they deserve.

“The spirit of the old west is still alive today. It’s in our hearts and our minds. From the mountains to the ocean, from California to Texas, east coast to west coast the cowboy lives on.

“In the morning when the coffee aroma covers your kitchen. When you sit on the front porch with that first cup, new stories will be told, loved ones will be missed and the fire burning inside of you will be stoked. Each new day brings a new journey ‘cause there’s a little bit of JAX in all of us.

“JAX is more than a name. JAX is being a part of a family that believes in carrying on the spirit of the cowboy and focusing on the little things in life. Like catching up with mom, whether in person or in spirit, over a fresh cup of coffee.” -JAX Cowboy Coffee

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