One of a kind, hand painted denim jackets & vests by Venus in Spurs Boutique, starting at $150.

In cowgirl land, denim is considered a neutral, right next to white or tan. Denim jackets are a timeless go-to in our closets, but sometimes you’ve got to kick it up a notch. Everyone, their mother and their dog, has a jean jacket, and they very well should. BUT hey sister, make a statement! Be unique! Even if that means you’ve got to go buy a bunch of patches at your local thrift store and sew them on yourself. People will inevitably ask where you got it. Trust us. Scope out a hand painted jacket or even jackets with patches, embroidery or studs to change things up. Just channel your inner rocker and/or hippie and add these badass jackets to your closet!

Americana Denim Jacket, $168

White Crow Embroidered Denim Jacket, $59.95

Native Rose Hummingbird Denim Jacket, $145

Kaira Shearling Denim Jacket, $138

Diesel Jaque Jacket, $298

Sweatshirt Sleeve Hooded Denim Jacket, $98

Kiriko and Madewell Patched Jean Jacket, $240