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Kimberley Paul of Rock Paper Scissors Denim has officially revamped one of the most timeless trends in fashion: the beloved jean jacket.

“It all begins with the perfect vintage Levi jacket. Well worn, well loved, classic, trendy, edgy, iconic and quintessentially American.

“Even though Levi is the most sought-after brand of vintage clothing in the world, there are only certain styles that we love and search out. These few styles flatter a woman’s silhouette and the details are unique and different than the Levi’s “trucker” jacket that most people are familiar with. It’s all about the details. The collars, the cuffs, the back, and of course the best fit for a woman’s body.


“The Bling – Only Swarovski adorn our custom jackets. What is the difference between rhinestones and Swarovski? Rhinestones are generally made of glass or acrylic and do not have the brilliance that only Swarovski delivers. Swarovski can cost 10 times more than the highest quality rhinestones, but using Swarvoski creates the most spectacular, luxurious result.

“The Fringe – We use the highest quality rhinestone fringe available. Our fringe jackets are all hand sewn, never glued. It is very labor intensive, but the result is the most polished, professionally made jacket designed to last years and years. We set the bar for craftsmanship and our intent is for each jacket to be worn, loved and treasured.


“Our passion for vintage Levi has been forever, and because of that, we have a large inventory of jackets, ready to be adorned, in varying styles across a broad size range.

“My goal is to create meaningful, emotional, statement pieces that not only will turn every head in the room but will be a piece that will be loved forever. A piece that will look as stunning with your favorite weekend tee as well as your favorite black dress. A timeless and distinctive piece to be cherished forever.

“When women tell me it is, hands down, their favorite item they own, I know we did our job.

“We have heard countless stories from women that when they wear one of our jackets, they will literally get stopped on the street with compliments. I have had women tell me that when they walk into a room, they can feel all eyes on them, and heads turn. They tell me they feel beautiful and special when they have their jacket on, and when I hear that, there is no better feeling.

“We love to communicate with each and every customer so we can create the perfect jacket for them that will fit perfectly and be the jacket of their dreams. We have created jackets that are worn on the stage, logo jackets, to special jackets for brides having a country, ranch style wedding.

“We sell online as well as being represented in a store in Nashville. The store is Moo Country, located in Leiper’s Fork. The owners name is Dawn Ann and her phone number is 615-614-3796, should you have any questions for her, I know she would be happy to speak with you.” -Kimberley Paul, Rock Paper Scissors Denim

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