From a young age, Jenna DeVries has always been drawn to music. She wrote her first song at age 14 and never looked back. Through opportunities on America’s Got Talent and American Idol, she gained experience and confidence to keep pursuing her dream full steam ahead. Now, she is going back to her roots and embracing the next step in her career.

We had the pleasure of catching up with Jenna to chat about it all, especially her new single “Memphis” that releases tomorrow!

Spending Covid quarantine at home allowed Jenna to go back to basics and reignite her passion for music. It just clicked that she wanted to go back to a more pop/Americana/country-crossover sound. “I still love pop music, and it was a safe place for me to be out loud in a time when I needed to be. It was an outlet for me to be unashamed about who I was in a way that I needed at the time,” she recalls.

Much of her days were spent at the piano, writing music. “As I started writing these songs and existing in that vulnerable place, it just came to the point when I realized it was time to go back to my roots and go back to this homecoming. There’s things I want to say that need to be said in a certain way. The stars just kind of aligned and the timing just fell into place.”

Her new single “Memphis” is one that everyone can relate to. She explains, “The first time I wrote the song, it was about comparing that feeling of knowing a relationship was ending, leaving something familiar, and knowing you can’t go back. Being able to mourn that in a safe way.”

The city played a significant role in a past relationship that left Jenna heartbroken. “I took this person to Memphis for a weekend and I told them that I loved them and they didn’t say it back. It was very heart-wrenching for me and the relationship ended shortly after that. It’s this connection of realizing that part of your life has to be over and bringing that into where I am now.”

“Memphis” serves as a strong reminded that it’s okay to miss a part of your life while still knowing it’s something you shouldn’t go back to. “I think a lot of times when something doesn’t turn out the way we expected it to, we think it was a mistake. I really don’t believe that at all, I think all things we experience are there for a reason. Figuring out how to move forward in a beautiful way, even if you take some time to be sad for a minute.”

Listen to “Memphis” here!

We were also thrilled to learn that she just recorded an upcoming single with Harper Grae. “Harper Grae is one of the most amazing people. She is absolutely phenomenal,” Jenna praises. “The song was originally going to be just a single vocalist, but it felt like it was missing something. I was sitting in the car listening to the demo, scrolling on Instagram as we do, and her profile popped up and I was like, ‘Oh my God, I need Harper to be on this song. That is what it’s missing.'”

From there, the final version of “Drunk Girls” was born. She explains, “It’s meant to be a party anthem for girls, and the whole theme is why can’t we all be nice to each other like we are when we’re drunk in the bathroom? There’s this sense of unbroken camaraderie, and I just feel like we’re always pitted against each other so sometimes we lose that in everyday life. Even though it’s kind of silly, I think it’s a really important piece of being a woman. I’m hoping we can get that across and just have a blast at the same time.”

(And yes, we did get a sneak peek and it will definitely be a must-add to your party playlists!)

Between new singles and gearing up to release her next album the beginning of next year, Jenna is going to be one busy gal over the next few months. Make sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with everything she has planned!