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Modern cowgirl and country music singer/songwriter Jenna Paulette is an undeniable star in the making. She just released her newest single, “Wild Like the West,” the leading track off her anticipated EP, Modern Cowgirl: Vol. 1. COWGIRL Magazine is proud to premiere the exclusive first look into her dazzling western wonderland; Jenna takes us on a ride through the plains of west Texas and travels through different eras with her breathtaking music video. Dive into the mind of Jenna and her self-dubbed “New West” soul, and see how the olden “wild west” meets the modern day cowgirl in the video below.

Jenna has an unbreakable connection with the western lifestyle and culture, and she incorporates her upbringing into every aspect of her artistry. Growing up, when she wasn’t helping her grandfather on the family ranch on the border of Texas and Oklahoma, she was dreaming of pursuing her passion of becoming an artist. “‘Wild Like the West’ is an analogy to how I was feeling internally when I wrote the song,” she explains, “I was desperately needing to be able to be myself in the place I feel most alive – which is in Texas with cattle and wide open spaces. But, I also wanted to be in Nashville where country music is made. It is the relationship between the two that I have struggled with since I moved to Nashville, but it’s the one that makes me, me.”

Jenna spoke on the inspiration behind the video, “The music video portrays my need for the ‘wild and free’ side of who I am. Dusty Whitford, 2-year-old cutting and reined cow horse specialist, can be seen in both the New and Old West sides of the video. They are parallel stories showing him training on the lead, which mirrors the internal struggle I feel being tied to this place. The “old west” flashback shots represent what I want and need to feel for my freedom.”

Named a CMT Discovery Artist, Jenna has a bright future ahead of her, and she’s not stopping anytime soon. She has plans to keep her love for the western lifestyle as close by as possible, “My goal is to pull a George Strait on this place; I’ll be in Nashville when I need to be and in
Texas when I can be,” Jenna says of her future on balancing her music career with her love of living out west. She even hopes to carry on the family business in the future, “I know one day I will be able to start my own cattle operation. But for now, I am learning everything I can and getting as much experience as possible. The west and cattle are things that get into your blood… once they’re in there, you can’t imagine life without them.”

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