jenna paulette boot barn performance cowgirl magazine

Jenna Paulette, the *ahem* modern cowgirl, performed at Boot Barn’s booth at Cowboy Christmas on Saturday to entertain the crowd of Western shoppers.

Clad in blue jeans, a concho belt, a silver-blue bodysuit, and her signature hat, the country starlet, accompanied by an acoustic guitar, sang while perched on the second story of an Old West facade at the Boot Barn booth.

She belted some of her own hits (“Blue Jeans”, “Midnight Cowboy”, “F-150”, and “Wild Like The West”), as well as some covers. Her rendition of George Strait’s “How ‘Bout Them Cowgirls?” was a lovely addition to the set.

After her performance, COWGIRL caught up with Paulette to talk about the set and her plans for 2020.

“Very exciting touring news coming very soon,” says Paulette. “I can’t announce it officially yet, but new music and touring all over the place next year.”

Keep your eyes and ears open for Jenna Paulette and her upcoming music and tour, and check out her website for her latest news.