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In our own ways, 2020 was a hard year for us all. Through all the trials of this past year and her hard upbringing, Jesslee formed the idea to release some of her favorite inspirational songs as cover tracks on her new EP “21 Jump Start”.

Of her new release, she said, “I wanted to create a playlist of songs that would keep people inspired to keep moving toward their dreams in 2021, even though 2020 put so many dreams on pause.” She wrote and co-produced her single “Strong” alongside her drummer Terrance Dre Elam and manager, Steve Virginia. She knew the song would be perfect for this project, as well as other songs that have inspired her to “keep going” in her life. 

She was able to make this a reality through her nonprofit, The S.T.R.O.N.G. Program. The purpose of the nonprofit is to build a completely positive mind, body, and spirit based on loving who you are, and searching for your talents and passions. Jesslee said, “I started S.T.R.O.N.G. mainly because I wanted to use my own personal experience and message that anyone can beat any bad situation. Whether you’re being bullied, beaten down, or maybe being told that you’re not capable of doing something, all these bad situations can give you the same negative feelings about yourself inside.”

Jesslee wants to help drive others to always be better in their lives and toward others, and tries to inspire and motivate youth with her story and my music. She said, “I remind them that you alone are in charge of achieving happiness and fulfillment. It’s your life, therefore it’s your job to make it the best that you can during the one and only life you have on earth. Never give up on your dreams, while being happy in the now!”

She wants COWGIRL readers to know that although she reaches youth in her S.T.R.O.N.G. Program, it is just as helpful for adults. She said, “I feel the youth need it more because you shouldn’t have to wait until you are old enough and rich enough to pay for a motivational seminar that will prepare you for what life sends your way. Although there are some things you can never be fully prepared for, if you have the right tools and faith, you can get through anything and you will be stronger in the end. You are never too old to keep learning, growing, and loving yourself along the way!”

She is hopeful that touring will pick back up soon as well. She has many shows pending in the U.S. and internationally. The show she is most excited for? Country Fest! Jesslee said, “It’s the third largest country music festival in the nation and I’ll be main stage as a warm up for Thomas Rhett. Lots of amazing things are coming and I am beyond excited to let it all unfold!” 

Keep your eyes peeled for her future releases throughout the coming months! There will be a new music video for her single “Strong” releasing soon, as well as a collaboration record dropping with Hosier, and a few other collaborative singles dropping within that time. Jesslee will also have another solo single dropping and another EP dropping as well!

Listen to her new release here! Make sure you connect with Jesslee, she loves hearing from her fans, friends, and our COWGIRL family!